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Vancouver Rapid Transit Line - Design Competition
PBK Architects, 2004
Design / Model / Textures

Design study and competition entry for a light rail line connecting the downtown to the airport.

1st place award.

Sungod Aquatic Center
Roger Hughes + Architects 2000
Design / Modeler / Textures

Multipurpose recreation facility (pool and fitness) in Delta, British Columbia


Qing Tsao International Airport - Design Competition
Roger Hughes + Architects 2000
Design / Model / Textures / Illustrations

International Architectural design competition for a passenger terminal in Qing Tsao, China.

3rd place award

Westside Leisure Ice Rink
PBK Architects, 1999
Design / Model

3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Previsualization and presentation renderings.

Featured on cover of Athelic Business Magazine 2002.

Hidalgo Multiplex
PBK Architects, 1998
Design / Modeler / Textures / Video Presentation

Design proposal for a 10,000 spectator arena in Hidalgo, Texas.


Architecture sur leis
Architecture Thesis 1998
Design / Modeler / Textures / Illustration

Defining the architecture for a southern Ontario winery


Interact Ireland - International Student Design Competition
University of Waterloo 1998
Design / Modeler / Textures / Presentation

International Student design competition for a live-work space in the middle of Dublin, Ireland.

2nd place award

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